Visit of Dr. Shengfa Liu from First Institute of Oceanography to Marine Geological Institute regarding research collaboration between Indonesia and China

On Thursday, 15th June, 2017, a meeting between First Institute of Oceanography (FIO-China), Marine Research Center (MRC-Indonesia) and Marine Geological Institute (MGI-Indonesia) started at 13:00 local time at MGI, Bandung, INDONESIA. The meeting is attended by Mr. Pujito Sarwono, Head of Affiliation and Information Division, representing the Director of MGI, Dr. Shengfa Liu representing FIO, Mr. Eko Triarso, Assistant Deputy Director representing the Director of MRC, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), Mr. Rainer A. Troa from MRC, Dr. Hananto Kurnio, Dr. Susilohadi, Dr. Rina Zuraida and scientists from MGI.


The meeting is started by welcome speech from Mr. Pujito Sarwono to Dr. Shengfa Liu. Mr. Pujito Sarwono appreciates the visit by Dr. Shengfa Liu and the possibility of collaboration between MGI and FIO including knowledge sharing and official visits. Mr. Eko Triarso explains the development of MMAF and SOA (State Oceanic Administration, China) collaboration until 2015 including internal policy changes in MMAF that affect the collaboration. The history of BENTHIC collaboration is explained in detail by Mr. Rainer A. Troa from MRC. Dr. Rina Zuraida gives an overview of research activities conducted by MGI and possible extension of the collaboration by involving recent working groups at MGI. Dr. Shengfa Liu presents the present condition of BENTHIC collaboration and proposes some options, new projects and capacity building.


The results of the meeting are as follow:

  1. Dr. Shengfa Liu offers options on continuing BENTHIC collaboration which was started by the Agreement between MMAF and SOA:
    1. Waiting for policy changes from MMAF regarding relationship with China
    2.  Sign new document between FIO and Indonesia research institute that is already involved in BENTHIC project (MGI or Research Center for Geotechnology/RCG
  2. Dr. Shengfa Liu also offers new joint research project using existing samples of MGI in South China Sea with the objectives to understand the 1) Sediment character; 2) Source-sink process; and 3) Evolution of paleoenvironment since the Holocene. The selection of study area depends on the sample distribution. If there were too much space between samples, FIO will support small expedition to close the gap.
  3. The new cooperation being offered by FIO consists of:
    1. Gather all the information of the existing sample and choose study area
    2. Joint sample analysis in FIO’s labs by Chinese and Indonesia scientists every year
    3. Organize small scale supplementary cruise from Indonesia side
    4. Support Indonesia student to get master/doctor degree in China
    5. Assist in compiling marine geology map since the Holocene
    6. Publish paper together


Marine Geological Institute is open for collaboration with FIO by extending topics of research collaboration to include energy and mineral resources. Mr. Pujito Sarwono suggests to follow-up the meeting with discussion of MoU and related documents. To strengthen the quality of Bulletin of Marine Geology, it is suggested that FIO scientist could become guest reviewer for the bulletin.


The meeting is closed by Mr. Pujito Sarwono at 15:00 local time.

(Bidang Afiliasi dan Informasi/RZ)

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